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Pickit for creators

Pickit is the best place for creators in the music education space to build a deeper community and monetise by providing specially designed content packages.

  • Gamify your online/offline music teaching with our creator tools

  • Increase your reach globally at our online marketplace

  • Increase traffic and conversion with your most engaged fans

  • Get regional markets insights & maximise your profits 

Increased Engagement

Pickit helps foster engagement with your content by providing a space for discussion and interaction among learners. This will help deepen their understanding of your material and encourage them to continue learning.


Collaborative Opportunities

Being part of Pickit means you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other educators and creators on the platform. This can lead to new ideas and approaches to teaching, as well as the potential for co-creating content.

Diversified Income Streams

Pickit offers a variety of monetization options, from the revenue sharing to premium content offerings and affiliate marketing. By leveraging these options, you can diversify your income streams and create a more stable financial future for your business.

Consulting Opportunities

By establishing yourself as an expert in your field, attract consulting opportunities from our partner network of music and academic schools or individuals looking for your expertise.

Ready to revolutionise your education business? Look no further than us. Don't miss your chance to maximise your revenue potential. Step into the partnership with Pickit now and unlock a world of resources to take your education and creation business to a whole new level!



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