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Meet Anahita Bhatt, our youngest student learning western vocals with the marvellous Pickit coach Mayank Mittal.

Anahita, just like her singing coach Mayank, is also a science enthusiast and fancies the explosions in chemistry experiments. Something similar happens with the right chemistry between the student and the Pickit coach, which reflects in her explosive singing!

Meet Our Teachers


Vatsal Bakhda

Classically trained pianist, studied under Roshen Gazder, LRSM for over 10 years, and Suddhaseel Sen (Ph.D. in Musicology) for 2 years. Studied under Pedro Carneiro Silva and Gabriel Geszti at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, and placed first in academics in all three semesters of study. 

Vatsal is also part of a number of projects, such as Submarine in Space, Toto Tribute Band and Soliluquy to name a few. Has also had the opportunity to work with musicians across the world and play in festivals such as the NH7 Weekender and Magnetic Fields to name a few. Is currently working on an album with Submarine in Space, and Soliloquy, his Piano trio.



"Mayank is taking our 9 year old to the next level with his singing and our son is loving it! Mayank has great energy and really knows how to engage kids so they learn important fundamentals while having fun. He's the perfect teacher for rock and roll vocals, being a real live full time rock singer, himself. Can't recommend him enough. "

                                                                    - Edward Sonnenblick