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Making music learning more

Immersive. Interactive. Gamified.

What is Pickit?

Make your post classroom practice sessions more engaging

A mobile app for music educators to create & share engaging music learning games

Create & Assign Games

Monitor Progress



Put Pickit to work. Invest your time where it's needed

For Educators

All your music teaching resources in one place

1000s of pre loaded workouts & games

Gamify your curriculum & assignments

Create custom workouts

Complete learning management system

For Schools

Manage all your educators, batches & events from a powerful admin portal

Manage batches, students & tutors

Attendance tracking & fees management

Create events

Tutor Manage Students
Tutor Manage Students

press to zoom
Admin Manage Sessions
Admin Manage Sessions

press to zoom
Tutor Manage Students
Tutor Manage Students

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For Students & Parents

Play interactive games, monitor your progress & compete with others



Practice to earn badges & coins

Fun quizzes & 


Compete with others on leaderboards

Personalise music learning with

the blended learning model

Learn in a combination of human to human learning & machine led games

Benefits of learning music in-person

  • Quick identification of student's mistakes & limitations

  • Conducive environment for effective learning

  • Personal connection with the teacher

Benefits of practicing with mobile based games

  • Keeping track of week over week progress

  • Personalised learning

  • Compete with other learners

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